Aussies are getting


for junk insurance and rubbish warranties.

Thousands could be eligible for refunds - are you one of them?
Car dealers, insurance and warranty providers need to


carcreditloanHave you recently:

Bought a second hand car?

Got a credit card?

Taken out a loan?

You could’ve been sold junk insurance or a rubbish warranty.

If you have, this website will help you complain, demand your money back, and tell these companies to stop selling junk.

Stop Selling Junk is a project of Consumer Action Law Centre. We’re independent and not for profit. We don’t charge you anything. We want to help people who’ve been ripped off get justice, and to convince insurers and warranty providers to stop selling junk.

Campaign updates

zane free training! – Wednesday May 11

Consumer Action Law Centre is running free training for financial counsellors and community law workers on how to make the most out of on Wednesday May 11.


Australians urged to fight back against junk insurance and demand over $70m in refunds: Consumer Action

Australians could be due for over $70m* worth of refunds each year for insurance and warranty products they don’t even know they’ve bought.


“Consumer Action Law Centre want refunds for worthless car loan insurance refunds, gap insurance”

AT LEAST $350 million of worthless car loan insurance has been sold to consumers — often without their knowledge — and there’s a push to get the money back.


“Brazen tactics selling ‘junk’ add-on car insurance should be outlawed, consumer advocates say”

The Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) has labelled add-on car insurance as "junk" and not worth the paper it is written on because of the poor payout rates and hefty commissions of up to 90 per cent for salespeople.


Stop selling junk – ASIC reports show how Australians are being dudded out of millions

Consumer Action Law Centre is calling on insurance and warranty companies to stop selling junk following the release of two damning ASIC reports.


“The next financial scandal”

Fairfax’s Adele Ferguson says consumer credit insurance “is shaping as the next financial scandal”: If the industry doesn’t fix it,...

About The Campaign

Stop Selling Junk is a campaign of Consumer Action Law Centre.


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