How To


 What do I need to start?

Get your loan documents or credit card statements.  It might help to also have your insurance or warranty documents. If you don’t have them, see below for tips for requesting these documents.


Complaining to the insurer or warranty provider:

1. Answer the questions on the Stop Selling Junk Refund Form

The DemandARefund Form will ask you questions about these kinds of things:

  • Basic information like your name and address;
  • Your employment and family circumstances;
  • What kind of insurance or warranty you bought, and what you paid for it; and
  • What happened when you were buying the insurance or warranty—for example, what the salesperson said (or didn’t say) about the product, or whether they did anything unfair.

The form asks these questions because they help explain to the insurer or warranty provider why you think you were treated unfairly and why you deserve your money back.

You’ll be asked the name of the insurer or warranty provider.  This might be different from the name of the insurance/warranty itself.  Here some of the common products and the insurers:

Name of productWho is the insurer?
ANZ Credit Card InsuranceOnePathGeneral
ANZ Loan ProtectionSovereign or QBE
Bank of Melbourne Personal Credit ProtectSwann Insurance
Bendigo Bank LoanSureLoan ProtectionCGU
Commonwealth Bank Loan ProtectionCommInsure
Esanda Loan Protection InsuranceAllianz
GE Loan Protection InsuranceHallmark Insurance
Latitude Loan Protection Insurance, Shoppers’ or Buyers’ Protection InsuranceHallmark Insurance
NAB Credit Card Cover/Personal Loan CoverMLC
Nissan Loan ProtectionAllianz
St George Personal Credit ProtectSwann Insurance
Toyota Finance Protection InsuranceToyota Insurance (underwritten by Adicia and AIA)
CitiBank CreditShield, CardGuard and CardAssure, Loan Protection Insurance and Loan GuardMetLife Insurance Limited
CitiBank CardProtectAIA Insurance

Remember to check your documents because yours might be different from the above.

It’s important to answer the questions honestly, and provide as much detail as you can.

2. Check the letter and make changes, if required

Once the website has collected the information, it’ll turn it into a letter to the insurer or the warranty provider.

Look at the letter, and make sure everything is correct. You’ll be able to make any changes you like.

3. Submit!

Once you’re happy with the letter, select the name of the insurer or warranty provider from the list provided.
Then click ‘Email and finish’.  Remember, you can also print out a copy.

The letter will be sent to you as a PDF with the email address (if available).  Simply attach the letter to an email and send to the email address.  Remember, you are welcome to use ‘snail mail’ if you prefer.


You can also complain to the finance provider or car dealer:

The second part of the website will give you the option of complaining to other businesses, for example, the finance provider or car dealer that sold you the insurance or warranty.  If you say ‘yes’, here’s what will happen:

1. Answer the questions

The form will ask you a few more questions.

2. Check the letter and make changes if required

Once the website has collected the information, it’ll turn it into a letter to the finance provider or car dealer.

Look at the letter, and make sure everything is correct. You’ll be able to make any changes you like.

3. Send!

You can either print out the letter and send it by post or attach them to an email.

Don’t forget that you can’t double dip.  If you have requested refunds from two or more businesses and receive a refund from one business, you have to let the other one(s) know as soon as possible.

How do I find a business’s contact details

The first part of the form will help you submit a refund request directly to the insurer or warranty provider through their email address.  We have a database of a lot of the insurers and warranty providers selling CCI, gap and extended warranties.

If we don’t have the email address of the insurer or warranty provider you are complaining to, you will need to insert the email address yourself. If you’re writing letters to other businesses, for example the finance provider or car dealer, you can either send them by post or email. Here are some tips to help you find contact details:

  • Check your documents
  • Check their website
  • Ring them and ask them
  • Check the Australian Financial Complaints Authority website here

How do I get my paperwork?”

  1. Check the documents you have at home
  2. If you can’t find them, ask!

If you know the name of the insurer or warranty provider, you can ask them directly for all documents relating to your policy or warranty. Alternatively, you can ask the bank or finance company. Click here to have a look at information on the Consumer Action website about how to get your loan documents.  There’s a template letter to help you as well. If you don’t hear from them, don’t forget to remind them about your request! You might want to set yourself a reminder in your calendar or phone so you don’t forget.

For help after complaining, have a look at our fact sheet ‘What next?’

This fact sheet is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice.  This was updated on August 21, 2018.

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